Parts and Services for V-Series Gas Turbines

At APS we have extensive expertise in the manufacturing of V-Series Consumables. Our Engineers oversee all manufacturing and we ensure every part conforms to the correct specification.

Combustion Chamber Hardware

APS Gas Turbine Inc. offers the highest quality aftermarket replacement hardware for the Combustion chamber and inner casing at competitive prices. Some of the major hot gas path components we offer are as follows.

  • Cooling rings
  • Segment Plates
  • Insert Rings
  • Dog Bone ring (Inner Casing)

Certified Raw Material

All Material is specifically selected from the US and Europe and is for certified use in the V-Series units. Products are machined at our state of the art facilities.

Cooling Ring

Segment Plates

Insert Ring

Dog Bone Ring

Combustion Chamber Tiles

Ceramic Combustion Chamber Tiles supplied by APS Gas Turbine are manufactured In Germany and adhere to high quality standards.

All required APS Gas Turbine also provides Combustion chamber hardware such as tile holders, dummy tiles, and additional hardware.



V-Series GT Installation Hardware

APS Gas Turbine offers the highest quality aftermarket TLe and TLa installation hardware for Compressor carrier and Turbine Carrier.

All installation hardware for all V-Series units undergoes strict and extensive quality control. Such as; Heat treatment, Nitride treatment, NDT tests and hardness testing.

All our parts are conformed to the correct OEM specification and tested in our quality control laboratory.

Raw Material and Manufacturing

We only manufacture with Raw Material from the US and Europe. We oversee all engineering and manufacturing for each component.

Quality Control

Our high-tech quality control center performs the following tests and measurements for
every component we manufacture;

  • NDT testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Pressure testing and Flow testing for fuel oil burners

Fuel Oil Burner

APS Gas Turbine Inc. FO Burner component manufacturing and assembly is overseen by Engineers and our quality control engineers inspect each component. APS ensures all our FO burners follow the same standards and Upgrades as the OEM.

Each set of FO Burners is subject to pressure and flow tests. Documentation is included with each set of burners. Trained engineers in the US handle testing and documentation for each set of FO burners.

FO Burner Specifications

Material Origin: Germany, USA

Type DG10620: Standard FO Burner

FO Burner (DG10620)